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The X11 Blockchain Specialists,


We believe that a good crypto community assures the development of good and safe coins. That is why we developed as Ecrypty Community also the Florijncoin. a  X11 V01.16 Blockchain for superfast COVID free payments.


At The Ecrypty Group innovation is a big deal, we like to ad more business partners.Our Ecrypty team is ready to help your company going to the future of crypto payments!


Do you need some help we can help you with X11 blockchains and mining pool and block explorer and X11 mininggear.

Mining gear

Ecrypty Group can help you with the purchase and installation of you mininggear lik for X11 miners Spondoolies, StrongU, Ibelink, Bitmain D3 etc.Download an ELLIPAL mobile wallet in the App Store and connect you wallet address!

X11 Mining Pool

We build also the Florijncoin X11 mining pool and Block Explorer.
For more info, contact our poolmaster through our contact form.

Excellent support

The Ecrypty Group has a excellent support just email to [email protected]


Want to learn & earn with crypto? Let Ecrypty lead you all the way!


Ecrypty Group B.V. is a High- & FinTech company.

The Ecrypty Group focuses on the decentralized world of cryptocurrency by supporting the global blockchain network of people. We develop also your own X11 coin just ask us for more information mail [email protected]  You can be a part of our company too, if you want to know more, just contact us!


Be a part of the X11 Florijncoin | FLRN community see: www.florijncoin.com

Florijncoin pool

The Ecrypty FLRN X11 pool.


Mine your FLRN today!

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KYC & AML [email protected]

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