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Ecrypty Group B.V.

We are Ecrypty. Blockchain & Crypto Back Office and Sales & Service. Start today. We are a High- & FinTech & Start-up Company, one of our Start-ups is; Florijncoin and GPPC we do also the Back Office for the start-up to come of EBANC OU i.o. The Ecrypty Group focuses on the decentralized world of cryptocurrency with X11 Algorithm coins/tokens to support the global Blockchain network with hashing power on our FLRN pool. We also build X11 coins on Blockchain for others info@ecrypty.com Our focus is on all matters that are directly or indirectly related to all crypto payments, and all the crypto projects where we created projects wallets for! We also try to come up with some solutions to convert existing services, so that they all can also be applied to the blockchain.

Together with our Core team we ensure a stable company.


The Ecrypty Group wants to become the largest and most modern “Crypto Factory” in the Netherlands, where we can fully catch up with our big team of crypto experts, on all facets like a Back Office for Blockchain and Crypto company or for Blockchain development, Mining and Cryptocurrency such as: Tokens, Coins, Development and all other applications. That is why we will occasionally invite you, to various cryptocurrency events. We also want to be able to continue to supply the very latest equipment. Our mining experts regularly visit all the producers of mining equipment and our team will also be constantly busy, to keep up-to-date with the fast world of cryptocurrency, mining, wallets and blockchain, etc. The Ecrypty Group also offers courses in everything that is about cryptocurrency, we can present ourselves as a real “Crypto Factory” to the public! We notice that there is a great demand for knowledge transfer, both for private individuals and for entrepreneurs, for example about all Blockchain applications, cryptocurrency and the proper and safe use of the crypto wallets (your digital wallet) and the acceptance of cryptocurrency in business operations. If you want to know more we are happy to invite you.


The Ecrypty Group’s vision is to make everything explainable in the world of cryptocurrency, Blockchain and crypto mining and much more accessible to the consumer and the business market. The Ecrypty Group therefore offers you the complete range of all crypto services included Back Office, we even can help you to get regulated in Europe and getting a bank account or payment provider, and setting up a good safe crypto company in Europe. The co-operation of maintaining the various decentralized Blockchain networks is also a goal of the Ecrypty Group. We have the best developers for you and are transparent and clearly communicating all the risks of the services provided by Ecrypty Group, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors and we enjoy a pleasant cooperation with all our clients! One of our standards is; know your customer (KYC) and anti money laundering (AML) they are very high on our agenda! In the fourth quarter of 2019, we want to set up a nice X11 mining farm in the Netherlands, therefor we  launched the FLRN mining pool. You can find the FLRN pool here via this link. Our FLRN pool is online at this moment, we are testing our BETA version 01. If you want to join our FLRN mining pool for testing send us a e-mail to info@florijncoin.com


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Toine Aarts

Chief Executive Officer

CEO at the Ecrypty Group, a serial entrepreneur with over 35 years of networking and business development expertise and operational management, sales and marketing, together with strong leadership and commitment. He will lead our committed and “Self Employed” Ecrypty Core Team.

Vincent van Lien

Chief Technical & Information

Database and pool designer, programmer, network specialist, engineer, developer. He has completed more than 200 different IT projects in the Netherlands. He is Official Microsoft Partner and runs the Ecrypty Group Development and IT Team and the development of our miners and our multi pool!

Marcel van der Louw

Costumer Relations

Has 6 years of experience in business development, security, management and customer relations. He is a crypto fan and investor in cryptocurrency, and he will visit and receive customers for all the mining projects and investments through our Ecrypty plan, give courses and conduct tours in our Miningfarm.

Dave van Veen

Manager Communications

Dave van Veen is an independent partner for our Florijncoin and is the Head of Communication. His thoughts and ideas are the basics for the growing of the Florijncoin Charity Fund. (social innovater at Aware4Youth)

Sukanda Buppha

Due Diligence & Human Resources

She studied at the University of Hatyai in Thailand, where she graduated as an accountant and as a Chief Human Resources Officer. She also takes care of personnel policy, internships within the group and all other administrative matters.

Iwan Dienjes

Graphical Designer

Iwan is our creative soul of the corporate identity of the whole Ecrypty Group, like websites/platforms, corporate logo branding, SEO and online marketing. He has knowledge of worldwide marketing.

Niels Vanaken & Edo Sweebe

Legal Advisors

Niels and Edo are our Legal Advisors of OpenLegal website see: www.openlegal.nl , when we need advise our CEO will contact him for the whole Ecrypty Group B.V. on all the legal matters and screening all our documents and the general terms and privacy conditions etc.

Ralph Kornips

Fiscal Advisor

Ralph is our Fiscal Advisor, he oversees all our financial matters and makes all our company rapports. He is also ultimately responsible for the correct reporting and our annual accounts, balance sheet, filing at the Chamber of Commerce.


At Ecrypty you can buy the fastest and most secure mining equipment we can supply you with all kind of miners, which your can place in our data centers and we can help you to convert crypto to fiat money.

We are the entry to the world of cryptocurrencies. If you need one or more miners, or if you want to build a mining farm? Have some questions? Get yourself a consultation, just ask anything. Call our Ecrypty team: +31(0)880047900 or E-mail to us: info@ecrypty.com 


Florijncoin has a partnership with cryptocurrency mining gear company www.ecrypty.com  First and foremost, we focus on enabling cryptocurrencies to flourish. Cryptocurrency mining is the future. It is going to be THE WAY in which financial transactions take place. We are fostering a brand-new ecosystem in becoming the standard for financial transactions of the Florijncoin FLRN . In doing so, the inadequacies and inefficiencies of the current financial industry will surely be a thing of the past.

We aim to deliver the most powerful solutions for cryptocurrency mining. With our products, both consumers and companies alike, are able to compete in the cryptocurrency mining, on an equal footing. The Ecrypty team is the core team with a good MISSION to deliver the best mining solutions to the market, for everyone to use. We don’t engage in cryptocurrency mining. We believe that to do otherwise, puts us in conflict with our customers. So, we leave the cryptocurrency mining to our customers and focus solely on designing and selling miners. Remember we are not a crypto bank but we only sell you the miner the profit we can never guarantee. So if you buy a miner that’s only you own risk and never ours. When you buy a miner we can never take it back so thing before you buy!!!

The Ecrypty Mining Gear Team

We are a solid team that combines decades of experience in ASIC design, Software development and Global Business expertise in X11 Mining Gear, we also sell 550Gh’s miners and FLRN & GPPC masternodes!

Phone +31(0)880047900

NOTE:  Mining profitability scales with the market. It does not account for fees or taxes and is for illustrative purposes only. Actual return may be more or less than presented. Mining is always on you own risc, so invest all posibility’s and educate and inform your self goed!

Florijncoin Mining Pool:  http://pool.flrn.pro/
Florijncoin Block Inspector: http://inspector.flrn.pro/
Florijncoin Pool inspector: https://poolexplorer.com/coin/6725

Mining and Blockchain has not yet reached the masses and is endless. Ecrypty will introduce a Florijncoin FLRN ICO see www.florijncoin.com

We want to make the Real Estate world vibrate on its foundations and make investing in real estate, possible for everyone in Europe. Follow us on Facebook Ecrypty, Brickerz, Florijncoin. The Ecrypty Group is one companies in the crypto currency market that build everything them selves, see our chamber of commerce number: 57772320. We maintain our crypto operations very well and we operate from the Netherlands, so you are totally safe and secured by law and government, in the Netherlands. We are a team enthusiast and devoted crypto people, who believe that Blockchain is the future for us all and we are already 2 years successfully busy, operating in the field of all mining equipment, mining, tokens, coins, investing, building blockchain and wallets etc. The crypto community grows very fast, join us!

Ecrypty has a FLRN pool to connect all your X11 Blockchain miners and this FLRN pool is at this moment in Beta testing!

To connect join FLRN POOL