Do you have an idea for a new X11 cryptocurrency but not the know where to begin? We can help you build your own X11 blockchain cryptocurrency. From creation of a new coin, fixing an existing coin, original artwork, block explorers, nodes, #miningpools we have you covered. At Ecrypty Group B.V. our development team is very skilled in X11 blockchains and very enthusiastic and we are also a dedicated group of coin, wallet, pool, block explore creators and developers who can create, service and fix any needs you may have for your own X11 blockchain project.

At Ecrypty we build your own X11 (company, festivals, café’s, disco’s etc) crypto coin, included your desktop windows wallet, mac os wallet, linux wallet and rasberry pi wallet. Your own mining pool and you own Block Explore for just XX Bitcoin all together!

If you want to know more contact mail to: [email protected]