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Ecrypty you “Global Crypto Cummunity” introduce the “Cryptvisor” to you!

We made a Facebook page to inform everyone on the latest news this Facebook Community Group, click on this name:  CRYPTVISOR

A community for those interested in BlockChain, BitCoin, Cryptocurrencies, Tokens, Alt Coins, Digital Assets and ICO’ s. This platform is to come together and share ideas, insights and knowledge. We will also arrange live crypto-related events. We believe Eindhoven is a perfect starting ground, for for many Hightech & Fintech start-ups & renowned tech-companies, a fertile ground for our live crypto revolution. Companies like Ecrypty that make the foundations for the advancement of crypto while growing blockchain assets for people and businesses.

Join us! Please like and share among all crypto fans an friends and family and if you have good cryptonews or good crypto advise, or tips please just send it to our e-mailbox:  info@ecrypty.com  and we will publish it on our Cryptvisor Community for you!

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