Ecrypty FLN / mining

The unique Ecrypty Group FLN custom delivery program makes it possible to quickly reduce a specific currency in large numbers, at a rate that applies at that time plus an x ​​amount of compensation which must be paid in full in advance.

The concept
More than 10% of our mining farm capacity is used to complete the custom delivery plus any miners who do not participate in the private FLN mining and cloud mining program, so can the Ecrypty Group / FLN mining custom delivery team guarantee an easy and fast service! The client contacts the Ecrypty Group custom delivery team and places an order for FLN coins and the amount of coins it wants to be mined. There is a minimum of 100 euro and maximum 1 million euro a day that can be mined in FLN.

We offer you a FLN wallet to store all your FLN tokens we have a desktop and IOS and Android wallet.


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