Need a Debit card?

The Ecrypty Debit card makes it possible to pay worldwide, with your cryptocurrency via your linked Ecrypty© Multi Wallet, or another wallet.That gives you a lot of payment convenience wherever you are. This Ecrypty Debit card will be powered by MasterCard©, we are waiting on the Mastercard white label, if they are ready we will introduce the Ecrypty debit card to you, so you can connect it with your cryptowallet

Debit Card

The Ecrypty Debit Card will allow you to spend funds held in an Ecrypty Wallet everywhere traditional credit or debit cards are accepted. The direct integration of an Ecrypty Wallet will give you full control of your card. Virtual and physical cards will be available, giving you the option to choose a card which best suits your needs. With only a few clicks, you will be able to easily monitor your debit card balance and transaction history online.

Payment Processing

The Ecrypty payment solutions will help your business accept payments by eliminating the need for technological know-how and financial risks. You can always be sure of the amount you will receive from your client in your selected currency. To make our cooperation even easier, Ecrypty will offer various integration options ranging from e-commerce plugins to APIs. Furthermore, for the Ecrypty, payment processing is not only about acquiring payments but also about providing tools for payouts and various tailored solutions.

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