Florijncoin FLRN Affiliate Program Details

Florijncoin FLRN offers a complete affiliate program.

This program offers the following benefits:

–    You (the affiliate) receive a percentage of commissions paid by your referrals.

–    Your referrals receive a limited-term fee discount.

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Referred User Benefits

Users who have signed up with a valid affiliate link will receive a 10% fee discount for 6 months.

Fee structures may be different per contract; the discount will apply on all contracts. See the Fees Page to view the fee structure for a particular contract.

Affiliate Payouts

Affiliates receive a percentage of total commissions paid by the people they have referred, paid in Florijncoin FRLN into their FLRN wallet. Each referral generates affiliate commissions for the lifetime of the account. The percentage of commissions they receive depend on the Florijncoin FLRN turnover of the account’s referrals.

Once referred to the site, if a user completes registration within 7 days, the affiliate receives credit for the account.

Affiliate Payout Structure

Total Referred Florijncoin FLRN Notional Traded % of Commissions

> 100  FLRN        10%

> 1,000 FLRN      15%

> 10,000 FLrn     20%

Payouts are made daily at 12:01 CET in your FLRN wallet

You can join us send a e-mail to info@florijncoin.com with your name and phone number and wallet address, first now download a Florijncoin FLRN wallet on www.florijncoin.com