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What is Ecrypty Group? I hear you think.

Ecrypty Group Miningfarm is minimizing cryptocurrency with only the lust and not the burden! Minor cryptocurrency was until recently only the domain of nerds and geeks. With the advent of our Miningfarm, everyone can benefit from mincing cryptocurrency. Minimizing cryptocurrency is a risk and you have to weigh yourself whether you want to take this risk.

The Ecrypty Miningfarm

Do you want to invest and receive a daily or monthly return? We invest heavily in the best available hardware to stay at the forefront of technology. For you it is the easiest way to dig up: you do not have to assemble machines or have loud, warm miners in your home.
We use the most modern hardware in our Ecrypty data centers to extract the most valuable cryptocurrency! Now we can mine al the altcoins on our highly efficient mining cluster for X11 and SHA256, Blake256 and scrypt-based coins. Start mining today! Your mining rigs or Asic miners are already set up and running. As soon as your payment is received, you can start mining and receive your first coins.
Want to join us?

The Ecrypty Miningfarm goals

The client creates a login account with the Ecrypty Group and chooses the coin package that he or she wants to mine on and choose the amount, that they are willing  to invest. The client fills in the right wallet address and after completing the payment in our Ecrypty Wallet or Bank account, the Ecrypty Miningfarm team will process the order with the best care and your Ecrypty Miningfarm will start for you within 5 working days, as successful they will give you a notice that you machine is working for you!

You can choose which coin you wish to mine:


CryptoCurrencyEURChange 1hChange 24hChange 7d
Bitcoin9,644.35 2.11 % 2.41 % 10.27 %
Ethereum208.41 1.11 % 1.66 % 24.60 %
XRP0.285 0.50 % 1.39 % 20.38 %
Litecoin82.23 0.81 % 2.07 % 23.95 %
Bitcoin Cash285.74 2.50 % 3.37 % 22.96 %
EOS3.87 0.27 % 2.23 % 27.05 %
Tether0.897 0.03 % 0.35 % 0.14 %
Binance Coin25.31 0.39 % 4.34 % 15.79 %
Bitcoin SV116.30 3.33 % 4.36 % 34.93 %
Stellar0.0781 0.68 % 1.42 % 16.65 %
TRON0.0228 0.38 % 3.21 % 25.57 %
Cardano0.0534 0.49 % 2.65 % 25.40 %
UNUS SED LEO1.30 1.27 % 3.92 % 11.92 %
Monero75.96 3.97 % 2.34 % 17.09 %
Dash111.28 0.38 % 2.01 % 21.58 %
Chainlink2.48 0.25 % 3.44 % 16.95 %
NEO10.96 0.80 % 3.55 % 29.60 %
IOTA0.272 1.24 % 3.43 % 24.52 %
Cosmos3.62 0.66 % 3.48 % 22.97 %
Tezos0.904 1.23 % 7.70 % 15.53 %

The client must ensure that there is a correct wallet address in our back-end for the relevant cryptocurrency.
Also in which coin you wish to be paid For more information just contact our Ecrypty team.

Pay attention! You must take care of the security of your Private Keys from your own wallet (s).

The Ecrypty Group will never accept more clients than the mining farm can handle. VOL is therefore FULL!
Advantages and Disadvantages of cloud mining.

The advantages of our Ecrypty Miningfarm in general are:
– No electricity costs. – Paid every day.
– No noise pollution.
– No high insurance costs.
– No dry air in the house.
– Maximum yield guaranteed.
– Easy and low threshold.
– No purchase of expensive mining equipment.
– No technical knowledge required.
– Fair investment
– 98.7% to 100% up-time
– Good support team

The disadvantages of our Ecrypty Miningfarm mining are:
– Decrease of the yield due to fluctuations of the difficulty.
– The return of investment is longer than with private mining.
– Yields depending on the difficulty and the course on which the coin stands.
– No income or interest in case of power or internet outages.

Packages and prices
The Ecrypty Group Miningfarm offers different packages that always have a fixed term of maximum 2 year per package. You can also purchase multiple packages at the same time.

– Package A: deposit    4.500, – revenue in X11 coins
– Package B: deposit    7.500, – revenue in Blake256/Decred coin
– Package C: deposit  10.000, – revenue in Script coins
– Package D: deposit  25.000, – revenue in SHA256

WARNING; You expected target return is 10 – 20% on an annual basis. Pay attention! This is not and can never be guaranteed, because a lot of circumstances. So always ask our Ecrypty Miningfarm team for all your questions, we can not be responsible for market up or downs!

Wallets are digital wallets for your cryptocurrency. There are different wallets for the different coins and there are also multi wallets. The Ecrypty Group advises to use different wallets for different coins, this if one wallet is minced, the rest is still safe. The use of a hard wallet is also recommended. To work safely, you can also purchase a tablet or phone that you use specifically for your crypto wallets.

WebShop Coins E-Changer

Ecrypty Group has its own WebShop Coins E-Changer where we convert a maximum of 50% of our earnings monthly into various coins. However, if our policy does not allow us to buy at any time, our WebShop Coins E-Changer will not be available to you at that moment, to buy or sell coins!

The client has become familiar with the general terms and conditions of the Ecrypty Group.
The Ecrypty Group is not responsible for a wallet that has been hacked or lost. The Ecrypty Group only provides links to wallets that have proven themselves to be good. The Ecrypty Miningfarm is not responsible if there is a fire, waterhoos, storm damage, power downtime, the mining machines dysfunctions or is damaged!

For questions see our FAQ or mail to:


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