Hello dear crypto community,

Until our Ecrypty Multiwallet is coming we advice you to use the COINOMI wallet www.coinomi.com


Amazingly, our developers did it, (this is worth an ICO on its own!) we built the world’s first Multiwallet for on your PC, Tablet, Iphone and Android device. With our Ecrypty Multiwallet, you can add all your coins and tokens safe and secure. You can even shapeshift to fiat with our app, from coin to coin and from token to token.

You can list your tokens by e-mailing us: info@ecrypty.com

This wallet will soon be online, we are finishing the last details on our Ecrypty Multiwallet design!

Team Ecrypty “The Global Crypto Cummunity”



You can contact us for a good offer, please if you full in the form below, know that we are GDPR compliant, see our privacy statement: