Data killer

The Ecrypty Group also offers its services as a reliable partner in data destruction. We would like to prevent others from sniffing in to your data, or company-sensitive information. That’s why you can have your paper data, HDD, SSD, USB sticks, CDs and DVDs safely destroyed by us. Data is and is becoming increasingly important, it is therefore of great importance, for your safety and for your relations, that you destroy your old equipment safely and secure. According to the new legislation GDPR and AVG, you may not store and store anything from your old customers. A safe and reliable destruction is therefore necessary.



The Ecrypty Group takes all sensitive information / data with very high severity, whether it be old papers, USB sticks, laptops, desktop computers or hard drives HDD and SSD. Everything is destroyed immediately upon receipt! The destruction happens both software moderately and hardware moderately. The software is crashed by means of special software (optional) and then the hardware is destroyed by the shredder so only small parts remain. These small parts are mixed together with other electronic waste (such as old mining computers, GPU cards, etc.), stored and shipped to a processing company that makes natural raw materials again.

That way, nothing from your old data can ever be found again! This way you are immediately GDPR and AVG compliant again.

You will receive an official and unique certificate from, with a unique code stating of what, how much and how you have had your data destroyed. That way, nothing from your old data can ever be found again! Your data that needs to be destroyed can be sent by express service or brought to our recycling department yourself. The Ecrypty Group receives your data and is destroyed within 12 hours, at the request of the customer this is done within one minute. You release us, so that we can GDPR and AVG approved destroy your data in your order. Do you not have the opportunity to bring your data yourself or is your data too sensitive to the mail? Then contact the Ecrypty Group Recycling Team at [email protected] and mention the data killer as subject.


Because this concerns a specific service with different options, we advise you to contact our Recycling team stating; Data killer. In order to be able to offer a competitive price, we need a number of information from you that can be made known on the basis of the following questions.

–         What type of data is involved?
–         How much quantity do you have?
–         Do you want your software to crash with software?
–         Do you supply your data yourself?

The payments can of course also go in cryptocurrency.


The client has taken note of the general terms and conditions of the Ecrypty Group.

The Ecrypty Group is not responsible for the loss or theft during transport of the material to be recycled.

The Ecrypty Group is not responsible for external failures such as power failures, which makes it impossible to destroy the data immediately. If this happens unexpectedly, the data is stored safely in an enclosed space and later destroyed. You are always kept informed of any malfunctions. If the failures lasts longer than 12 hours, telephone contact is sought and discusses how to proceed further. We always work together with judicial investigations if they have the right writ of execution.  Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I see how my data is being destroyed?

Yes, you can see how your data hardware is moderately destroyed immediately. Unfortunately, you cannot see software moderate.

Is it possible to see the data storage?

No, this is not possible in connection with sensitive information.

Which cryptocurrency are accepted?

Across the entire Ecrypty Group company is accepted;



You can contact us for a good offer, please if you full in the form below, know that we are GDPR compliant, see our privacy statement: