Hello! It’s me again!

Many people may not know this, but if you run large pool servers, with TONS of stratum instances, you can do that all with one nomp instance!

It’s very simple!

If you have previously setup NOMP, or NOMP as a MPOS stratum, you know that for a coin, you have 2 config files.

One in /coins, the other in /pool_configs

Adding more coins is simple!

Just create more config files!

For every /pool_config configuration file, a stratum is born!

So if I wanted to run a stratum with 3 coins, dogecoin, litecoin, and bitcoin, I’d need the following


As long as these config files are enabled (controlled from within them)I can run

node init.js

And it will create a dogecoin stratum, a litecoin stratum, and a bitcoin stratum.

NOTE: as of now you need to restart NOMP for each new coin that you add, this will be changed in the future